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Beginners Guide To Applying for a Job Online - |

Beginners Guide To Applying for a Job Online

How to apply for a job online – Online Job Applications and you


Beginners Guide to online job services

I always wonder about how people search and apply for jobs when hearing their woes and inability to find positions.

My email has been filled with job offers and good matches for years. Certainly, in times of recession the search has become more difficult and over-qualified individuals are forced to work below their expected rates and positions but positions still abound and the more clever and organized among us have no issues finding and obtaining positions.

Apply for Jobs online using Online Job applications and Job Search services.

As I mentioned, my mail is is always filled with alerts for jobs that I am qualified for and applying is usually only a click away.

What do I do that the rest of the American public seems to be in the dark about?

I simply spent a few hours creating a couple variants of my resume that are targeted towards each aspect of my education and work history. I then recomposed each of those resumes into a couple file formats.


Assuming you use Microsoft Word or Open Office to compose your base resume, after saving your editable resume, re-save into the following formats.

  • .doc (do not use .docx as many agencies never upgraded)
  • .txt (this is the format that NotePad will save in – just characters no special formatting, you may need to do some simple editing to may your resume seem presentable)
  • .rtf (rich text format) usually an alternative save format within each word processor
  • .pdf ( if you have a fancy resume and want to make it easily viewable)

These are the formats that are required by various online job head hunters and also gives you the ability to copy and paste your resume into emails and online forms.

Hint: When using Craigslist you may find that your resume bounces back because it exceeds the relatively small limit of 250k, this is where a .txt format of your resume comes in. You can paste your resume into your interest email and notify them that other formats are available once you receive their actual email address (Craigslist uses a remailer)


Using online Job Searches to automate your search process

The Majority of online job search services work on exactly the same premise.

  1. Create an Online Profile with User name and Password
  2. Fill out job history, education and qualifications
  3. Upload or paste resume
  4. Set up Keyword or Industry based alerts

In order to make this process easier, I suggest following along with any form you choose with an open text document in another window. Paste your answers into the text document, now you can use this text document to paste the majority of your answers into all the job forms you fill out online, add new questions to your text document as you find them.

Hint 2. Create a new email that you use only for job applications and set this email to forward to your main email, this way you have a professional but obscure email address for hiring purposes and you never miss a new email.

Suggestions: Assuming your name is “John”

  • JohnSmith7164552982  (your phone number)

I also like to use the above format for my resume file names

Johnsmith_716-455-2982.doc  etc.

Keep in mind, many large companies use keyword based search programs to pre-select resumes, the hiring personnel may see hundreds of qualified resumes daily, do whatever you can to make the initial contact process as easy as possible for them, make sure your resume is in teh proper format and has clear contact info wherever you can place it.


Using Resume rabbit
A Glance at Resume Rabbit


Apply for a Job online: Services to use

I go through and fill out a profile at every single job site that comes my way, I set up the appropriate alerts and just live my life as the search engines get my info to the right places.

Online Job Search services to use:

Tagline: is pleased to offer your resume to 1000′s of top Recruiters, Headhunters and Employers across the country. A very quick and simple service.

Upload your resume

Sometimes you need a job right away, or your finding that the professional jobs you are used to are taking to long get back to you. When you need a job quick, this service is ideal as it is the number #1 source for hourly jobs..Bed bath and beyond, Toys R US, Lowes, etc.

Just enter in your Zip code

This is one of my favorite services to recommend, its not over run with old job postings and has a super quick profile and resume upload process.

Get started with your Job Search is the leading media company focused on careers. Job seekers, students and professionals have discovered that Vault is the Internet’s ultimate destination for insider career and education information.

Fill out your Job-Seeker info Now:

Free membership, access to alerts, resume assistance, and search advice. Additional Premium services available.


It is a time intensive process: But it doesnt have to be

I set up my system through trial and error over the course of years.

If I was presented with hundreds of forms to fill out upfront, it probably would be so daunting I never would have started.

That is probably the position you are in now, you probably arrived here at a point in your life where you need results quick. Personally, i believe if you follow the steps you could be done in a few hours and then you just sit back and enjoy the automation.

But a service does exist that allows you to have the automation done for you, unlike y other recommendations, it is not free, but considering what your own time may be worth teh service is worth serious consideration.

Resumerabbit, allows you to upload your resume once, fill out one online form, and than sit back as they automatically submit your resume to 87 services. I think that would allow you to save at least 10 hours of time that would be otherwise spent, mindlessly copying and pasting.

Services include:

  • Resume Posting: on up to 87 top job sites.
  • Massive Exposure: to over 1.5 million employers & recruiters.
  • Posting Report: of all job sites your resume was posted to.
  • Jobs by Email: Receive matching jobs from lots of job sites.
  • Spam Protection: keeps your personal email box safe.
  • Identity Protection: posts your resume information confidentially.
  • Centralized Log in: to all job site accounts we created for you.

Check it out: ResumeRabbit Submission service

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