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Make a Blog: GoDaddy vs HostGator and Wordpress Hosting - |

Make a Blog: GoDaddy vs HostGator and WordPress Hosting

Managed Hosting, Dedicated Servers Hosting, SQL Server Hosting


Do these terms leave your head spinning?

When searching for your first hosting provider you are confronted with a very basic question.

Which can be quickly made difficult by the plethora of options and terms in the field, a simple thing to keep in mind is; if you don’t understand it, you probably don’t need it.

So,What are the best hosting companies?

I will imagine you arrived here with that question in mind, and that you realize there are hundreds of options and dozens of top contenders.

If your upgrading your current hosting or selecting your first host, you are in the process of making probably the most expensive of all your online marketing decisions. I feel its important that your prepared for the growth in your internet efforts but are not overpaying for options you do not require.

So, dedicated servers hosting, managed hosting, sql server hosting, virtual dedicated hosting and hundreds of other upscale and private hosting options you encounter are most likely outside of your needs and budget.

You have two simple questions:

Which hosting will I purchase ?

Will I use Linux or Microsoft Server technology ? The answer is Linux, more of your web hosting applications are compatible.

To keep it simple, I am comparing the two companies that I use the most frequently and have had lots of personal contact with.

GoDaddy vs. HostGator: Cutting to the Chase

Although, I will break down the options and explain the reasons, for those with short attention spans, I will cut to the chase.

HostGator Wins as best Hosting Company, most options, easiest to use interface plus reliable and intelligent customer service.


Now for the Comparison: HostGator vs. GoDaddy

HostGator has 3 levels of Hosting

All of their hosting allows for unlimited levels of storage and bandwidth and unlimited subdomains, this effectively means you can manage an unlimited amount of sites via their hosting. They also allow for unlimited MySQL databases, which means you can install as many installations of WordPress as you like.

All hosting plans come with a $50.00 voucher for Adwords. Between the coupon code for Hostgator I provided and the voucher you effectively get the first 6 months of hosting for free.

MySQL databases are a required part of a fresh WordPress Install, this is a major factor in Hostgators superiority over Godaddy…GoDaddy’s basic and premium plans limit the number of MySQL databases to 25.

3 Plan Level..differences

  • Hatchling: 4.95 per month only allows for one domain, but unlimited subdomains are still allowed.
  • Baby: 7.95 per month, adds unlimited domains and unlimited parked domains to the deal.
  • Business: 12.95 per month, adds free dedicated IP, Private SSL and your own free Toll free number.

If you have ever researched the cost of you own toll-free number, you will have found that it always costs quite a bit more than 12.95 per month!

My experience with Hostgator:

The purchase an order forms are straight forward, unlike GoDaddy where you have to go through and uncheck all the extraneous services they automatically pad onto your order.

Customer Service staff is knowledgeable and quick to the phone, you can use chat to talk with them instantly without calling. Unlike GoDaddy, when you speak to them about a technical issue they resolve the issue and then say goodbye, in contrast with GoDaddy who resolve the issue than try to upsell you new services and hosting.

The dashboard and control panel is very simply arranged and everything you need can be manged from one icon based dashboard, the Hostgator interface totally blows away Godaddy’s labyrinth like interface, after two years I still get lost trying to make small edits via Godaddy dashboard.

About GoDaddy

Although I clearly recommend Hostgator over GoDaddy, I have had nothing but good experiences with their service. They were my first host and as I learned new tricks in hosting and domain management their customer service was always there to help me quickly.

But when it comes down to it, comparing plan options and prices, GoDaddy just doesn’t cut it. The interface is very clunky and non-intuitive, you are always exposed to upsells and in order to get the best prices you must have a coupon code supply.

So my final recommendation wont even include a breakdown of GoDaddy Hosting options, the only positives I can think of are related to domains, you can get domains for 7.49 from GoDaddy which is the cheapest consistent price I have ever seen, you do need a promo link but I can help you out with that.

7.49 Domain Purchase Link, discount will be reflected at checkout make sure to change all options to 1 year and cut off the extras they add during the checkout process, your final price should be 7.49 plus a .19 cent ICANN fee. Bookmark this page or link and use it for all your domain purchases, I do!

Read about their hosting plans while your there, the other positive to Godaddy is they provide free hosting with all domains, it includes a Godaddy banner across the top but so does every other free host on earth, might be a good learners site for you.

If you have any trouble with the lingo, use the Internet marketing Lexicon

Publishing your own site or blog A to Z: Website developing :Thesis skins

Do you need any vocabularly explained? Are your questions answered?

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE Level 4 Commenter 2 years ago

Always interesting to find out about new companies. I have used Godaddy for a few domains. As a tip if you host a lot of websites and don’t want to spend a fortune, Network Solutions offers great hosting packages for around $100 plus a year to host quite a few domains. Best, GPAGE


sunforged profile image

sunforged Hub Author 2 years ago

Network Solutions doesnt compare in price range to either HostGator or GoDaddy..remember the hostgator package for 7.95 a month includes UNLIMITED domains with UNLIMITED bandwidth and UNLIMITED storage

Network Solutions closest advertised package is 9.29/month and has a 300gb bandwidth and storage limit.(if you look closer you see that price is for a 3 year contract and the regular monthly price is 11.95/month!)

What NS does have that might be of interest to a brand new blogger is a very limited hosting plan called WordPress Blog Hosting -which is available for 3.85 month IF YOU BUY THE 3 year package! ..otherwise its 4.95/month the very same price as HostGators increased options on their smallest plan – if you were to pay 1-3 years upfront with Hostgator its would be considerably less than 4.95 monthly also.

Network Solutions Hosting details (although not recommended)

# WordPress® blog hosting platform

# One free* domain

(never use free domains from hosting companies as your real domain)

# 5 domain pointers

# Email address with 10 emailboxes

# 50 GB disk space (tiny compared to competition)

# 500 GB monthly data transfer

(tiny compared to competition)

check it out for yourself they do give you afree domain with hosting – which is about a coupon for 7.50


sunforged profile image

sunforged Hub Author 2 years ago

If you are aiming for a cheap host that isnt mentioned, 1&1 looks like a great option for most users…a couple of free domains, free private registration and $75 in ad vouchers, plus the first 3 months are free price only 7.00 a month also, i cant review until I try it…but they have been voted worlds number 1 webhost

You deserve the best web host. Choose the one trusted by over 5 million websites. First 3 months FREE with this link!

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE Level 4 Commenter 2 years ago

Thanks for the info. Since I have 30 or more domains registered with them (NS), they give me lots of breaks. They do offer pretty good packages if you have VIP status there. I was not fond of Godaddy hosting and never heard of the other that you mentioned here and will look into it. Thanks for the info. Best, GPAGE


ediggity profile image

ediggity 2 years ago

Thanks for the comparison. Do you have a, How do I know I’m ready for my own Domain Name and Web Host type of Article?


Jeffrey Neal profile image

Jeffrey Neal 2 years ago

More good info as usual, Sunforged. I now have nearly 20 domains hosted with Hostgator and my partners have more than I care to mention. They recommended me to Hostgator and have been using them for a couple of years with nothing but good things to say. Anything that comes up has been resolved quickly through customer service and they are extremely helpful with setup questions.

truepal profile image

truepal 2 years ago

These are really awesome – great info – thanks

Bovine Currency profile image

Bovine Currency 2 years ago

Thank you. I have looked closely at GoDaddy and they look well priced but obviously with such a huge company, customer service is sales service. Hostgator will probably be my final choice as you are not the first to recommend this site. Thanks Sunforged.


Cheri Schultz profile image

Cheri Schultz 2 years ago

Thank you Sunforged. I was ready to host two more domains with Godaddy – but I will give hostgator these two domains and see the results everyone is speaking about. Thanks Again. Cheri


brimancandy profile image

brimancandy Level 1 Commenter 24 months ago

I checked into godaddy. I asked what is the difference between pages. When they say you only get 1 page or 199, is that 1 website or is it 199 websites? or 1 website with 199 page limit?

I used to belong to geocities, and had several pages before Yahoo dropped it. That was fairly easy, and I loved the pagebuilder.

Which host has a better pagebuilder type application?

And, which deal would be best for starting a membership based site? Any ideas?


frogdropping profile image

frogdropping 22 months ago

I use Go Daddy for domains. Host Gator for hosting. I have a couple of sites on Just Host as well – and I’ve never had a single problem from any one, depending on what I’ve bought from them.

I agree with the Go Daddy review. It is a bit confusing and for the uninitiated, not the best of sites to use. They’d probably end up with a lot of useless add-ons simply because they won’t have realised what they did or did not need.




Russ 12 months ago

Hostgator offers so much more flexibility and features than GoDaddy.


citychick profile image

citychick Level 1 Commenter 10 months ago

Thanks so much for the article; I wish I’d read it earlier. I agree with you about GoDaddy; it turned out to be pricier than I’d planned. Still learning, and I’ll return here again.


Michael Smith 8 months ago

Nice quality hub comparing GoDaddy with HostGator. In my opinion, if you want to register one or more domain names, then you should go with GoDaddy as its primary reputation is as a domain registrar. Web hosting services were added by GoDaddy to its pool of services much later. HostGator, on the other hand, has been in the web hosting business for more than nine years and they have their hands on their customers’ pulses.




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