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Using Shortcodes in Wordpress |

Great Shortcode options for your WordPress Site – WP-Shortcodes

Plug-ins are dangerous – Learn to create proper tweaks to your Templates

New WordPress Users are always very excited to find out about all the great options that are available via the plug-in functionality of WordPress. You can usually recognize these users from their crawling sites and frequent messages on help forums.Easy Shortcodes for wordpress

The problem with dependence on 3rd part plugin is you will never know if the plugin will be updated as wordpress updates its core framework. Plugins also tend to create a bloated install that loads slower and has unnecessary external calls and not to mention a likelihood that not all plugins and themes will play well with each other.

Shortcodes are not a specific solution to plugin use but the functions you can create with them will often lead to less dependence on plugins. Plus , you will know exactly HOW each one works after you take the time to set them up.


To be more confusing, sometimes, you need a plugin in order to activate shortcode functionality. Using a shortcode, which looks like this [shortcode-example=1] is as easy as a quick bracketed term, which can do anything from grabbing amazon items to sticking in styled buttons, like this:

Im a button


or a download button


or even an alert message

Such features become incredibly useful, especially if your a wordpress designer and you need to make advanced functions easy for your users and clients


Cats who code – has a great list of ten useful shortcode functions and links to full tutorials on how to implement them.





10 Great Shortcode options




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